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3D 4D Ultrasound Photos and DVD of your baby with the best prices pictures and packages in Australia, Prices from $75

First  Photo also gives you the opportunity to have a 3D 4D scan with Australia's most experienced 3D 4D sonographer. We do not need long scan times as you will find the speed and skill of the sonographer allow her to find photo opportunities and gender very easily.

Gender scans from 14 weeks

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Welcome to this perfect opportunity that you should not miss during your pregnancy, your baby's first photo.Come and see your baby from 7 weeks to 40 weeks

We use the GE Ultrasound system which produces the clearest and best 3D 4D fetal pictures and other machines do not compare to the GE.

Special Offer - "New deal" with 9 prints on 1 A4 glossy photo paper included in the $100 package.

There are appointments available for  Mon 24/11/14, Tues 25/11/14, , Sun 7/12/14, Mon 8/12/14,  Tues 9/12, Sun 14/12/14,Mon 15/12/14, Tues 16/12/14  & there are also other dates available.

Please make sure you are well hydrated for the 3 days prior to your scan this help us obtain the best pictures possible & "no" bladder filling required

There is no need to book too far ahead as we can usually fit you in over the next month and if you are flexible with times then over the next week to 10 days

First Photo is only in WA

Our Policy is Best Prices and more Photos -  Packages start from $75 including a CD & DVD

Come and see us for the best prices 

No referral is required as this scan is a bonding experience for parents, family and friends.

You do not need a full bladder for this scan.It is a good idea to increase your water intake for 3 or 4 days before your scan so that there is a good amount of fluid around baby but you do not need a full bladder for this appointment.


It is easy to avoid seeing the gender of baby if you want a surprise. however, if you want to know, gender determination is available after 15 weeks and is 99% accurate.

Experience this treasured moment that introduces you to your new family member. This scan is a bonding experience, particularly for the new dad and the grandparents as it allows them to share with you what you are feeling during your pregnancy as they can see all the movements and this enables them to engage in this beautiful experience. The DVD and photos are ready to take home with you approximately 10 minutes after the scan.


Phone only for an appointment, no text messages please. Call between 8am & 4pm for appointments.

0415 444 220  For North Perth

If You live in NSW or SA we recommend our friends at



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